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Pruning Knives to Spruce Up your Yard for Spring


Are you wanted to spruce up your yard this spring? With PNE Tools in your toolbox, we know you will be able to get all of your yard work done in no time! With all of the wind, snow and ice storms the country has been suffering from, we know our pruning knives, tree pruning saws and barnel loppers can help you cut down and fix your yard up nicely. Our goal is to provide all of the yard tools you need to fix up your yard with brand loppers and the best pruning shears out there.

PNE Tools carries all of the yard tools you need to cut down branches from trees and bushes that have been thrashed from wind, rain, snow, and ice. One of our favorite items that are easy to use are our pruning knives and shears. If you are looking for pruning knives that can get the job done easily without any hand pain, we would like you to introduce to you B006 Anvil Pruner, Heavy Duty 8”. This pruning knife can cut all of the small branches and twigs off of trees and bushes that you don’t want.

If you are looking for a more heavy duty result, we suggest checking out our tree pruning saws. With our tree saws in stock, we know you’ll be able to cut far above your reach. With our extensions available for all of your tree pruning saws, you will be able to saw off branches that are causing mayhem without using a ladder and chainsaw. Visit us online to view all of our tree pruning saws, ratchet pruners, pruning knives, barnel loppers, and branch loppers. 

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