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Learn the best time to use your Barnel Loppers


Pruning is an important part of maintaining your trees. Overgrown trees not only look bad, they can become unhealthy if left untended for too long. Pruning is essential to remove dead and damaged branches that can lead to decay and disease. You can also help minimize the chances of insect infestations with proper pruning. Preventative maintenance is the key to avoiding bigger problems that may lead to the death of your tree. Pruning your tree is also important for safety reasons. If you have low growing branches covering your walkways this can be hazardous. Maintaining a  healthy tree and a safe yard should be the goal, and with Barnel Loppers you will have the best tool for the job.

There is an ideal season to prune your tree for best results. Late Fall through Winter is known as the "dormant season", and it is the best time to do preventative pruning. This minimizes your risk in a number of ways. Pruning opens the tree to the outside world. If you prune during the Spring or Summer you may risk insect or fungal infestations at the "wound" site. By taking care of these preventative cuts in the dormant season you avoid that risk. The one exception to this rule would be that you always want to remove damaged or dead branches as soon as possible. 

We carry a wide variety of Barnel Loppers. Barnel manufactures the largest selection of loppers worldwide. No matter what size you need we are sure to have it in stock. Contact us today to learn more about our seasonal specials!

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